A CITY centre hotel plan is in line for the green light later this week, but another scheme on the edge of town is unlikely to get approval.

Malmaison’s revised plans for the old Aviva office building on the corner of Rougier Street, York, are due for approval at a planning meeting on Thursday, but a revisited plan for a hotel and service station on the A64 has been recommended for refusal at the same meeting.

Developers already have permission to convert Yorkshire House into a 124 bed hotel with 33 serviced apartments, but they revised plans and submitted a fresh application earlier this year.

The new scheme includes a sky bar in a roof top extension and a single storey extension in the space between Yorkshire House and the Grand Hotel - a reduction on the six-storey side extension the previous plans included.

Planners are urging councillors to approve the new plan, saying the roof top extension would create “less than substantial” harm to the historic city surrounds.

They also say the principal of losing the office space to a hotel development is already agreed.

Meanwhile, the planned development of a new service station at the Hopgrove roundabout on the A64 has not got planners’ backing. The proposal includes a a petrol station, a 50 bedroom hotel and a restaurant/cafe, with parking and landscaping, but a similar scheme was criticised in 2014.

Developers Enita Europe resubmitted the plans earlier this year, but now a planning committee report shows officials still think it would be inappropriate for the greenbelt, and would harm the amenity of people who live nearby.