LATE on Saturday evening two weeks ago I had to ring an ambulance for my elderly mother and ended up in a cubicle at York A&E from 11.30pm until 8am Sunday when she was admitted to a ward.

It’s my first time experiencing first hand just what these wonderful people have to deal with from abusive drunks to serious casualties from road traffic accidents, plus of course worried and concerned families/friends of patients.

In my eyes these nurses, doctors and health care assistants are simply heroes and very special human beings.

They deserve much greater recognition and rewards for what they do for society.

At all times we received courtesy, empathy and smiles which made a traumatic experience for an 87-year-old poorly lady as good as it could be.

To all at York A&E, thank you. To the powers that be, please recognise these fantastic people.

Andy Knowles, Vyner Street, York