PEOPLE in Yorkshire spend more time binging on box sets than anywhere else in England.

Research carried out by British Gas found people across Yorkshire spent an average of 32 hours a week watching their favourite television shows, 21 hours a week using computers, 11 on tablets and six on games consoles, and less than two hours a day using cleaning devices around the house.

The research was carried out to coincide with the launch of the seventh series of Game of Thrones, but also to mark the installation of free smart meters by British Gas across the region.

Sarah Scrivener, the company's Yorkshire’s Smart Energy Expert, said the new devices helped customers better understand and manage their energy usage.

She said: "Whether it’s binging on the latest box set or just catching up on our favourite soaps, we clearly love our telly in Yorkshire. But it’s important to remember that TVs can use a lot of electricity if they’re on for long periods of time. Switching them off when you’re not watching and turning them off at the wall rather than leaving on standby overnight can help keep your energy usage in check.

"Having smart meters installed can help, too. They automatically send meter readings to your energy supplier so you don’t have to. Smart meters also come with a smart energy monitor that shows you how much energy is being used and how much is being spent, in pounds and pence, in near real time."

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