A YORK MP has labelled the systems running the NHS “broken” and “fragmented” after meeting with health bosses.

Rachael Maskell, the MP for York Central, meets regularly with the Vale of York CCG to receive updates on how the NHS is running locally and has deemed the situation a “health nightmare”.

At the moment, the CCG is in a capped expenditure process (CEP), meaning it is facing a number of deep cuts to save millions of pounds, but Ms Maskell believes the process is not working and the way in which the NHS is run is failing.

She told The Press: “The whole system is completely broken and the CEP and the way all the different health bodies and interested bodies interact with each other is a broken and fragmented system.

“The process of the CEP being introduced is going to make things even worse with regards to the pressure that’s going to bite down on the NHS in York.

“Today has been a discussion about how priorities, power and resources sit but it is clear to me it has become fragmented.”

Ms Maskell says she intends to meet with Jeremy Hunt, the secretary of state for health, to address the issues.

“This will seriously delay patient care and has serious issues that need to come to the fore,” she added.

“I will have a conversation with the secretary of state because I doubt he realises the consequences and they can’t be in control of chaotic financial measures.”

Ms Maskell said nine per cent of the NHS was already in private hands and Labour would solve the crisis by looking at revenue in external market.

However, she said it was not purely about solving a funding crisis, but by resolving how the NHS is run and how it is currently set up to fail.

“The bottom line is the Health and Social Care Act has introduced a completely fragmented system,” she added.

“Funding in the NHS is fighting against itself and the result of that is you haven’t got the collaboration to deliver a health service.

“There’s systems within systems which are failing patients and the only thing I’m interested in is how to deliver a good service.

“It’s complete Government failing in meddling with the health service.

“It’s politically driven failure of patient care and I’m very angry with the Government that they have created a complete health nightmare.”