BREAKING: Mark Anthony Ainsley has been arrested at an address in Harrogate this afternoon.

North Yorkshire Police have just confirmed the news, that Ainsley was arrested at about 3.30pm today.


THE manhunt for a dangerous escaped prisoner has entered its fifth day.

Mark Anthony Ainsley was arrested by armed police in Clifton, York, on Wednesday night, but escaped police custody following hospital treatment in the early hours of Thursday.

His escape has seen an increased police presence around the city since Thursday, with the police helicopter, dog units and armed officers seen on patrol and conducting searches.

North Yorkshire Police have said they are not prepared to issue a picture or description of Ainsley for operational reasons, but confirmed on Sunday evening he was "still outstanding" and "enquiries are ongoing".

Armed police were seen outside a flat in the Huntington Road area of York on Saturday evening.

There was also a heavy police presence in Huntington and near the Vangarde Shopping Park. However, a spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police refused to confirm if they were searching for Ainsley.


THE MANHUNT which has seen police scouring York for more than 24 hours is over a dangerous escaped prisoner, police have now confirmed.

Mark Anthony Ainsley was arrested by armed police at about 8pm on Wednesday, but managed to escape from custody during a visit to York Hospital at about 3.35am yesterday.

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said: "Officers are asking anyone who knows Ainsley and who has information on his whereabouts to contact them as a matter of urgency.

"Understandably, some people may not be able to provide information directly to police and therefore they are encouraged to contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 where they may be eligible for a reward."

Throughout Thursday, the force refused to comment on the increased police presence in the city, stating only it was part of an ongoing investigation.

The spokeswoman said despite the dangerous prisoner being on the loose, there was no need to alert the public until now.

She said: "The safety of the wider public has been the main priority throughout and the local community should be reassured that any potential risks have been, and continue to be, greatly minimised by the police action."

Police said they are not yet prepared to release an image or description of Ainsley, but thanked residents "for their patience and support while enquiries continue".

Anyone with information on Ainsley's whereabouts is urged to phone 999, or 101 with other information which could help police.


HEAVY police presence is set to continue in York today, after a prisoner escaped custody, The Press understands.

North Yorkshire Police will not confirm what the increased presence in the Clifton area is in relation to, only stating it was part of an ongoing investigation.

A number of sources have told The Press a man was arrested by armed police in the Kingsway area of Clifton at about 8pm on Wednesday.

He was taken into custody, then transported to York Hospital. The Press understands the man then managed to escaped police officers after leaving hospital, and has been on the run ever since.

York Press:

The police helicopter, run by the National Police Air Service, was called out in the early hours of today, and the helicopter remained over the city this afternoon as searches continue.

One York resident, who asked not to be named, told The Press she had heard “what I can only assume was the suspect running past my house shouting and swearing at about 4am in the morning as the helicopter hovered overhead. The helicopter hovered for hours. It woke up my neighbours too”.

A resident of Burton Stone Lane said he heard shouting in the street at about 4am on Thursday, and saw police vehicles parked at the junction with Avenue Road.

He said: "I heard a helicopter approaching which was circling and hovering for about 40 mins. Meanwhile, a police dog handler with an Alsatian appeared and searched around Burton Croft and Burton Court, shining torches under bushes, then he went down the road and came back."

The resident said more police vehicles came and went until about 5am, but reported a heavy police presence at a property in Grosvenor Terrace on Thursday evening which may be linked to the manhunt.

Police have not confirmed this.

The NPAS spokesman said the police helicopter was called back to the city at about 1.30pm on Thursday at the request of North Yorkshire Police, to carry out a “photographic task for planning purposes”.

Police officers were seen patrolling the Clifton area, including officers on pushbikes, but another resident in Clifton, who also asked not to be named, said she had been waiting for information all day on why there was an increased police presence in the area.

She said: “A friend asked what all the police were doing, there has been a lot of police presence in Clifton and understandably they are worried about what is going on.

“I just think the police should issue some statement to put their minds at ease (or not) but at least say what’s occurring, people in the area have a right to know.”

North Yorkshire Police said they would not add to their initial comment: “The police activity in the Clifton area of York is part of an ongoing investigation, we will release further information when we are able.”

If you are in the Clifton area, or have pictures of the police presence, please email them to

More to follow.