THE CONSERVATIVE candidate fighting for the York Central seat in the general election has called Channel 4 to move to the city.

Ed Young has backed York to welcome the broadcaster, saying it has good transport links and brownfield land near the station - the York Central development site - would be an ideal location.

Speaking after meeting Culture Secretary Karen Bradley in York this week, he said:

“As a Yorkshireman, my first priority is to make sure Channel 4 comes to Yorkshire. There are some great Yorkshire cities bidding to host Channel 4 – and I want to make sure that York is high on the list.

“We’ve already got some great digital, media and creative businesses based in our city. Now we need to encourage a big player to come to York and make York its home, so we can help create good new jobs and wealth for everyone here."

In April, the Government launched a consultation whether Channel 4 should move out of London. Following her visit to York, the Minister said:

"A company that’s publicly owned shouldn’t have fewer than 30 of its 800 employees outside of London if it is going to make a true contribution to the whole country.

"Now obviously, this consultation is about what Channel 4’s contribution should be to the regions rather than just where it should be based, but Ed and all the Conservative Candidates in and around York have been really quick off the mark to put York forward."

Julian Sturdy, Conservative candidate for York Outer, Ryedale candidate Kevin Hollinrake also backed the call. Mr Sturdy said: "Ed has my full backing in championing what would be such a great project for York, and I look forward to working with him on it."