From our archives:

85 years ago

Reports from Reuter confirmed that the Graf Zeppelin had now completed its 16th Atlantic crossing.

The success of the Zeppelin had now strengthened Dr Eckener's wish one day that the Graf Zeppelin may be as a regular liner.

Pocklington Women’s branch of the Howdenshire Conservative Association held its annual meeting at the village central hall.

The secretary presented a satisfactory report of the year’s working, commenting that members had shown much enterprise in the promotion of monthly meetings and social efforts.

Reviews were mixed for York Settlement Community Players first of four successive performances of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People.

One reviewer said there was a lack of decision of thought in the interpretation of Hoostead and some of the performances tended to be colourless and on occasion inaudible, even from the second front row.

50 years ago

It was exciting news for leggy girls of fashion as stockings were finally evolving.

Years ago when stockings were stockings you asked for sheers or service weight and you had a choice of four or five shades each season, ranging from a fawny beige to a brown beige.

In 1967 the stocking counters were now filled with some of the most exciting choices for the fashion conscious, sharp lime green, hot orange and clear lemon yellow topped off with a mini skirt.

At long last, members of Barlby Parish Church, near Selby, were beginning to see an end to the plastic sheets and buckets that had adorned the West end part of the choir stalls for over a year.

Much needed work had been delayed in view of the possibility of bad weather during winter, now Spring had arrived, the contractors hoped to start work after Whitsun.

20 years ago

Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry was boldly going where no dead man had gone before with some of his ashes being scattered in space along with those of 1960s LSD guru Timothy Leary in the first ever space funeral.

Their ashes were due to blasted into space by a Spanish rocket launched over the Canary Islands.

Prime Minister John Major had swept into York to address the area’s party faithful, calling them “the good people of Lancashire”.

Despite the ultimate insult to Yorkshire folk, about 2,000 hand-picked supporters had descended on the Barbican Centre to show their support for their leader.