CLLR David Levene (The Press, April 18) criticises the Conservative-led City of York Council for not adopting a Local Plan sooner.

What he does not say is the effect that Labour’s 2015 Plan would have had in this area.

Labour’s preference for a huge new housing development north of Clifton Moor would have made existing traffic problems on the A1237, Shipton Road and Wigginton Road far worse than they already are, and other ideas from previous Labour control of the City Council show a failure to consider the effect of their policies.

I receive complaints from residents of Clifton Moor that cars are parked on the footpaths, blocking passage for pedestrians and forcing wheelchair users and parents with buggies into the road – and this all because of Labour’s belief that people will not use cars if houses are built with inadequate off-street parking.

Yes, we need more houses but we need to be sensible about catering for demand.

The present administration is carefully considering the effect of its actions, not blindly following political dogma.

Cllr Peter Dew, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without ward (Conservative)