WHO should I vote for?

It’s impossible to vote Labour. Irrespective of whether their policies are good or bad, a Labour win would imply Jeremy Corbyn would be PM.

For all that he might be a nice bloke, the last 18 months have demonstrated his total inability to act as a leader.

So, an easy win for the Tories then, meaning Theresa May back at No 10?

But which May? The one who in April 2016 was in favour of remaining in the EU as part of the single market, or the April 2017 version to whom those thoughts are anathema?

The May who says she has all the winning arguments but is too frit to take part in live debate to prove that point?

The May who said in February 2017 that there would not be an election, or the one of April who maintained an election was imperative?

What a choice.

Incompetence versus incoherence. The surest outcome I can see is that the nation will be in trouble.

David Lewis, Church End, Cawood