YORK is one of the driest cities in the country, a new study has revealed.

Nationally reported research found the city is the twelfth driest in the UK with 626mm of rainfall in 2016 over 117 days.

The irony of being named a ‘dry’ city will not be lost on some residents who were flooded out of homes and businesses less than 18 months ago.

The city experienced the worst flooding since 2000 in December 2015 when hundreds of properties were evacuated when the city was crippled by a huge deluge after the Foss Barrier failed and was lifted to stop water destroying its electrical system.

In nearby Tadcaster the town’s only bridge collapsed when water swelled to batter away the bridge’s foundations and was only re-opened last month.

Some businesses are still feeling the impact of the floods and many homeowners have faced astronomical costs for their insurance.

Using data available from the Met Office, Freeflush, a company harvesting rainwater, were able to rank cities based on total annual rainfall, with the Welsh capital Cardiff taking the top spot by experiencing 1152 mm of rainfall annually over 149 days.

Other cities in the top five include another Welsh city, St Davids, followed by Glasgow, Bangor and Truro.

The infographic also shows which cities you are less likely to need an umbrella in.

London has been named the driest city and is closely followed by Cambridge, Derry and Ely.

In London it only rains on 109 days with a total of 557mm falling on the capital each year.

Glasgow experiences the most rainy days - 170 - but the overall volume of water falling on the Scottish city is lower than in Cardiff.