IS Julian Sturdy frightened of holding a public meeting?

Last week The Press covered our Stop the Silence campaign, where we presented Mr Sturdy with a letter outlining our concerns about “hard” Brexit.

At the time Julian Sturdy agreed to hold a public meeting, but now he appears to be back-tracking on this promise. We feel that a public meeting is necessary because there are so many of us who are concerned, and it would be impossible to accommodate everybody in his surgery sessions.

Are you unwilling to hear the views of your constituents, Mr Sturdy?

Do you fear that you would not be able to show us that you have been acting in our best interests?

On June 24 last year, you talked about “building bridges across the country”.

Perhaps you could make a start by trying to “build some bridges” right here in York?

Rachael Maskell held public meetings for both leave voters and remain voters, to ensure she understood the concerns of all of her constituents.

So why is he so reluctant to do the same?

We sincerely hope that he is willing to hold a public meeting.

Jeannie Conley, Nadia Bahrani, Anke Tymens, Robert Conley, Charlotte Yates, Fiona Shaw, Ulrike Bullerby, Barbara Boyce, Adrienne Wilson, Beverley Hadfield, Jane Roberts, York for Europe (@York4EU)