PUPILS donned their dancing shoes to raise more than £3,000 for charity.

Students at Terrington Hall School staged a danceathon for the NSPCC, which netted £3,108.75.

They held the event after NSPCC Schools Organiser Lesley Wood gave a presentation in an assembly, which also highlighted the NSPCC Schools Organiser Lesley Wood.

Deputy head Veronica Whitfield said: "Terrington Hall operates a strong system of pastoral care.

"This is delivered to the children through their form tutors, the pupil buddy system and the availability of worry boxes.

"The pupils were therefore quick to understand the importance of every child having someone to turn to when in trouble, and it was natural for them to want to raise funds for the NSPCC.

"Participation was entirely voluntary. For a school of 148 pupils to raise such a sum is quite something.

"Several classes were awarded certificates for full participation in the event and the pupils were awarded green, bronze, silver and gold badges for the number of sponsors they secured to support them."

When Ms Wood returned to the school for a thank-you assembly, she said: "I set you a challenge to do a Big Workout for the NSPCC.

"Well, you have raised a wonderful amount of money. As a school you should all feel very proud of yourselves."