A PYROTECHNIC device was set off during the York City match today. 

North Yorkshire Police said the smoke grenade was set off during the match, which City lost 3-2 to Luton, and appealed to the public for information which could help identify whoever was responsible. 

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said the grenade was set off in the David Longhurst Stand at Bootham Crescent, and the use of pyrotechnics during a match could lead to sanctions against York City from the FA.

Sergeant Colin Sutherland is the police liaison with the club,and said the incident would have to be reported further.  

Sgt Sutherland said: "It's disappointing to see the use of a smoke bomb at the game today.

"I must reiterate that the use of smoke bombs is illegal at football matches and anyone found in possession of one faces arrest and a potential football banning order. This is not to mention the health hazard they present as anyone in the David Longhurst stand unfortunate enough to breathe in the fumes today will testify.

"I would urge anyone with information about who was involved to contact me at the football unit on 101 or contact crimestoppers where you don't even have to leave your details.

"I would hate to see the club punished by the  FA for this incident, but none the less I now have to forward a report of the incident to the UK Football Police Unit and they will assess the incident."