THE pantomime season is over. Oh no, it isn't.

Cawood Players will present Once Upon A Pantomime at The Old Boys School in Cawood, near Selby, on Friday and Saturday.

All manner of characters from different shows appear in the village production, written and produced by Suzanne Perkins. So don't be confused by the upcoming cast list because the show takes in Cinderella, Jack And The Beanstalk, Hansel And Gretel, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Wicked, Goldilocks And The Three Bears and The Wizard Of Oz.

Colin Heath will play Captain Hook; Graham Perkins and Eileen Wiltshire, the Prince and the Princess Snow White; Noah Athraby and Polly Brook, Hansel and Gretel; Cathie Smith, the Witch, and Sally Kershaw, Goldilocks.

The role of Aladdin will go to Gabriella Athraby; the Genie, Ellie Mawson; Cinderella, Lucy Bucktrout; Prince Charming, Josie Brook; Dorothy, Cathie Smith; Stephen Wikeley, Tin Man; Graham Perkins, Scarecrow, and Jacquie Brooke, Lion.

York Press:

Noah Athraby as Hansel, left, Cathie Smith as the Witch, Sally Kershaw as Goldilocks and Polly Brook as Gretel in Cawood Players' Once Upon A Pantomime. Picture: Mike Cowling

Producer Suzanne Perkins is originally from Oldham but has lived in Cawood for 15 years and took over running the village pantomime in 2009. "I've written the show each year, and they're usually the traditional pantos, but we've done most of them, so we decided to do a new show this year, as you can write specifically for your cast," she says.

"In my first year we did what I call a 'mash-up pantomime', Adventures In Pantoland, and we've grown the show since then, from ten characters in 2009 to 25 this year, which allows us to do Once Upon A Pantomime."

Suzanne had to find a way to link all the shows in her script. "There had to be a theme to connect them," she says. "I thought, 'let's break the magic mirror and then have to fix it together again', so there'll be bits of the magic mirror all over Pantoland and the fairies will lead the search to put the mirror back together by midnight."

Suzanne will play the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio – "I had to write something for myself to play; just a little part," she says – while Cawood's regular pantomime dame and freelance press photographer Mike Cowling will turn Widow Twankey into an "honorary fairy" to steer the path of this innovative fairytale show.

Tickets for the 7.30pm evening performances and 2.30pm Saturday matinee are on sale at £5, children £4, at Cawood Post Office or from Suzanne Perkins on 07882 545859.