CAMPAIGNERS have set up a petition to stop dog walkers spoiling a popular field.

Councillors have already announced a consultation about plans to protect land at Holgate Dock from irresponsible owners, but concerned residents have now waded into the fight to clean up the problem spot.

Community leaders want to launch a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) on land between St Paul's Church and St Paul's Mews to restrict dogs to certain hours or ban them entirely.

And parents have backed the bid to secure one by setting up a petition calling for the PSPO to be put in place.

The petition states: "The field is an invaluable resource for St Paul's Primary, an inner city school with very limited outdoor space and for the neighbourhood residents, many of whom do not have gardens.

"When off the lead, dogs defecate in the bushes and on the grass and it is often left there by owners."

The small field is used for PE lessons by pupils at St Paul's Primary School and parents have complained their children often come home with ruined kit after standing in the mess.

Claire McMahon, a parent with two children at the school, said: "There's a sports coach at the school who has to pick it up and fill in holes dogs have made.

"That shouldn't be part of his job description.

"There are some irresponsible dog owners who don't pick up after their dogs but others are fine.

"If they were all responsible there wouldn't be an issue but we really feel it's not fair on the teachers, children or parents.

"It's not as if we are living in an area that's bereft of places for dogs; we are close to West Bank Park, Hob Moor and Knavesmire."