A NEW booklet sharing stories from the work of 16 Christian organisations in York has been published to coincide with Lent.

Entitled '32 Stories', the guide shares two first-person accounts from each group, of how those individuals' lives have been changed through giving. 

The booklet was put together by The Besom in York and Fulcrum Foundation - two charities which also feature among the 16.

Others to share stories include York Schools and Youth Trust (YoYo), Reflect Pregnancy Support, Christians against Poverty (CAP) and homeless charity Restore.

Rob Ainsworth, from the Besom in York, said: “As the co-ordinator of the Besom, I know of many organisations that are helping Christians in York to serve those in need.

"I also hear lots of stories of how the lives of both receivers and givers have been changed through giving.

"So we wanted to share the bigger story of what is happening through their giving. The book's aim really is to encourage people.”

Wayne Golder, from Fulcrum, said: ”Fulcrum is passionate about promoting awareness of smaller charities that often go under people's radar.

"We were excited to be involved to highlight just some of the brilliant charities in York."

Three thousand copies of 32 Stories have been published. It is being distributed via the charities and church organisation One Voice York.

The Cinnamon Trust national audit found that in 2014 churches in York gave to nearly 50,000 people.

As a result the booklet's introduction states: "There is a story to tell of each of the 50,000 people who received; each involves a giver as well as a receiver.

"Thousands of givers gave their time and resources worth just under £3 million.

"32 Stories invites you to draw alongside a few of the many people whose lives have been changed by their generous giving of time and resources.

"We encourage you to read one or two of these stories a day. Be informed, be inspired, thank God and pray about what you've read."

Barrie Stephenson, church warden at St Michael le Belfrey, said: “Not only is it a valuable collection of the good news stories by people who’ve benefitted from organisations in York, it’s also useful as a prayer guide.

"I’m trying to pray for at least one organisation every day.”

For more information, visit www.32stories.org/