A YORK women’s project is offering no-cost antenatal support to pregnant women at a new From Bump to Birth course this month.

The Kyra Women’s Project in St Saviourgat, York, is offering expectant mums a place on the city’s only free-of-charge childbirth support classes, with the emphasis on friendship and fun over a cup of tea.

The course is coordinated by Lisa Boston, a professional doula - a type of pregnancy and birth support worker - who gives physical, practical and emotional support to women during pregnancy and after birth.

The four-week courses, which will run across the year, are there for pregnant women who might not otherwise afford or get access to a traditional antenatal support, Lisa said.

Each class will cover all aspects of pregnancy, labour and after-care from pain relief, breastfeeding, nappy changing and everything in-between.

Lisa added: "The fact many women are forced to buy their antenatal education in this country is distressing because how you feel during this time can have huge impact on your life and the life of your child.

"I’ve known many mums-to-be who are told to simply ‘Google information’ when they need advice, and they can end up feeling isolated and alone – but we’re hoping to change that."

The From Bump to Birth classes are funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's York Committee. They run for four weeks at Kyra from February 23, March 9, April 13 and May 17 with space for eight women per class. For more information go to kyra.org.uk, email contact@kyra.org.uk or phone 01904 632332