IN its previous incarnation, Number 10, Bootham, now the home of the Lotte Inch Gallery, was a family-run tailors shop, C.E. Seymour Tailors, founded in York in 1950.

Previous to this, the building was the site of a milliner's shop. Inspired by this heritage, and drawing from the tradition of the master tailor, Lotte Inch has put together a selection of contemporary artists who each offer their own interpretation of the art of tailoring.

From the threads, fabrics, textiles and textures, to the tools, processes and techniques, all aspects of the creation of a garment are considered in an exhibition entitled Made To Measure. "The socio-economic, historical and ceremonial connotations so intrinsic to this profession are also explored," says Lotte.

"Showcasing work from ten talented British artists, each working in very different mediums, this exhibition brings a new objectivity to the idea of the tailor and their tools.

"Made To Measure is both a celebration of the history of the building in which the gallery resides and a tribute to the time-honoured, creative practice that is designing and making clothes and shines a light on a fascinating, but sadly dwindling profession."

The exhibition features work by painter Alexandra Leadbeater; textile artists Becky Adams, Hayley Mills-Styles and Roanna Wells; artist and illustrator Florence Boyd; photographer Graham Hardy; painter and sculptor Jill Gibson; ceramic artist Kate Haywood; sculptor Pete Baker and artist and illustrator Zosia Olenska.

"Each contributing artist has been selected from more than 80 applications put forward for this exhibition," says Lotte. "Highlights include the wonderfully evocative ceramic installation pieces by Cardiff artist Kate Haywood, whose work frequently references objects relating to ritual, ceremony and adornment in order to create a heightened physical awareness of the body and the materials surrounding it.

"Jill Gibson's sculptural floor piece, Unhooking A Torment Must Begin Somewhere, is another highlight. Making reference to a number of complex ideas, in its simplest reading, this work pays homage to the ever useful, mass produced 'hook and eye'.

"York artist Zosia Olenska brings yet another reading of the idea of materials and fabric to the room with her intricately detailed drawings of people shrouded in cloth."

Made To Measure runs at the Lotte Inch Gallery until March 9. Gallery opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, and at other times by appointment on 01904 848660 or 07709 424155.