ENGLAND manager Roy Hodgson was at the University of York today to collect his honorary degree and give a talk to students.

The football manager was at the university's Central Hall to collect his degree alongside hundreds of students and then went on give a talk entitled "Leadership in Sport".

The hour-long free lecture in the Berrick Saul building attracted 250 people, hitting the venue's capacity.

In his 36-year long career, Hodgson has managed over 22 teams from 8 different countries, including 4 national teams.

He has also served on FIFA and UEFA technical study groups, becoming England’s 13th permanent manager in 2012.

The football manager first addressed the university back in April alongside Greg Dyke, current chairmen of the Football Association and former chancellor or the university.

Speaking before the event Grace Clarke, York University Student Union sports president, said: “I don’t think he realises how many people’s lives he will be changing in that room. He’s going to make a big difference.

“He’s really inspirational, he will be presenting qualities that we hope to embed across the university.

“He’s an ambassador of grass roots sports and a lot of work that he does for the FA also encourages working with young people.”