JUST over 1,000 fly tipping cases cost York council £69,000 to clear up last year - while fining the perpetrators brought in only £2,000.

The figures have emerged in a report on "A Cleaner City" due to be considered by a leading councillor on Monday.

Some 1,139 reports of fly-tipping were made in 2014-15 and they cost the council £69,000 to clear up - but only three cases were prosecuted leading to fines totalling £2,248.

The report also sets out plans to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a new push to improve cleanliness across the city with up to £138,000 earmarked for new bins around the city.

Cllr Andrew Waller, portfolio holder for the environment, will be asked to approve the plan on Monday. He said: "A key priority for local residents is tackling litter and improving the cleanliness of local streets.

"We want communities to help shape the way the council delivers street cleaning to ensure that local priorities and grot spots are thoroughly dealt with. More effective roadside sweeping will make areas look tidier and remove one source of weed growth."

City of York Council is working on £750,000 in funding cuts to "placed-based services" - which includes things like road cleaning and bins on the streets - between 2015 and 2018.

Responsibility for much of that is being handed down to the ward committees, and these proposals are for the £138,000 is currently left in the capital pot to be spent on a new mini road sweeper van costing £17,000, with £31,000 to go on planned improvements on public toilets, with the remaining £90,000 to fund new combined litter and dog waste bins where ward committees want them.

The report also shows that 15 solar compactor bins were bought by the council, with plans to install them on various streets throughout the city but those plans have been changed meaning so ward committees can chose whether they want the new bins in their areas.

Cllr Waller said: "I am well aware of the bins' short-comings, and this is to be a voluntary not forced scheme."

Meanwhile, a new "One Planet York" app will be launched giving information on recycling and how to exchange unwanted household items, while the Smarter York App will be scrapped in favour of a new system for reporting problems.

At the same meeting Cllr Waller will also be asked to approve a plan for encouraging students not to dump their rubbish at the end of the academic year.

It would see students allowed to use the Hazel Court tip for free when they move out of their accommodation at the end of the year, as well as extra rubbish and recycling collections for the areas with the most student housing.