THE first sign of spring has arrived early on York’s city walls.

Although the weather has taken a turn colder, the annual “First Daffodil on the Walls” competition has already been won. Southbank woman Tania Weston spotted a bunch of the yellow blooms on the embankment opposite the Barbican last week.

She said: “I didn’t expect to see anything out so early, but I was stuck in traffic on Barbican Road and saw them then. I’ve half expected to see them covered in snow since.”

Keith Myers, who runs the competition through the York Walls Twitter account, said they flowers had bloomed a full month earlier than normal.

Tania has won a three day York Pass, but has decided to donate her prize to someone suffering because of the floods.

“Someone might need a bit of enjoyment after the floods, or it could be an auction or raffle prize at a fundraiser,” she added.