CURATORS are boxing up bustles and cleaning corsets in preparation for a brand new major exhibition at York Castle Museum.

The show "Shaping the Body" will open in March this, and will throw light on changing fashions from 18th century bum rolls, through to the Victorian hour glass figure, the punks of the 70s and the perms of the eighties.

The exhibition will look at how people's bodies have been shaped and designed through fashion choices - like the extra tight corsets, high heels, and even poisonous dresses.

Senior curator Ali Bodley said: “Costume, social history, archaeology and art from collections across the trust will combine to demonstrate the extent of how our bodies have changed through the ages.

“Over the next few weeks we will be preparing our chosen artefacts for display; hundreds of items need to be specially cleaned, wrapped and boxed ready to be transported to York Castle Museum.

“It is very exciting to be able to bring these incredible items out of storage and put them on public display for this thought-provoking exhibition”