A TEAM of four intrepid North Yorkshire mums has passed the 1,000-mile marker on an epic charity rowing challenge across the Atlantic Ocean.

The quartet, known as Yorkshire Rows, clocked up 1,000 nautical miles yesterday in the 3,000-mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge from the Canary Islands to Antigua.

Janette Benaddi, from Burn, Helen Butters, from Cawood, Niki Doeg, from Hessay, and Frances Davies, from York, hope to raise more than £100,000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and cancer charity Maggies.

The quartet, who all have two children each, are rowing for two hours at a time on a shift system; two on, two off.

When not rowing they are fitting in sleeping, eating, checking and cleaning equipment and communicating with loved ones back at home.

They are also blogging on Facebook, with the latest entry predicting "a tough few days".

It reads: "Hi all, you will see from the weather update below that as we approach 1000 nautical miles rowed, another major milestone for us, that we have some very challenging weather ahead.

"You may have noticed on the tracker that we have started to move a bit more to the south to try and avoid the worst of it.

"We are well prepared for all these eventualities and will take whatever action is required, although we are not expecting to role out all of the bikinis just yet!!

"Our thoughts are with all of the other teams in what could be a tough few days.

"Thanks for all the great messages and support it really helps knowing that you are thinking of us."

The weather report for competitors in the race read: "A significant change is occurring with a large low pressure forming and tracking S and then E. "This is not good news for the fleet as most will get headwinds at some time during 09 -14 Jan, some of which will be in excess of 20 knots.

"The whole fleet has been warned and options discussed, but it will mean para-anchor and an unpleasant few days.

"The boats are designed for the worst conditions, but it will be uncomfortable and the rowers may suffer bruising as they are confined to cabins.

"But like anything, the storm will pass and the weather then looks to give favourable winds to help the crews on their way."

To support the mums' fundraising effort, visit www.yorkshirerows.com/donate