A BOYFRIEND accused of beating up his girlfriend has told a jury she suffered her injuries by falling three times in her home.

Orville Darren Lee, 40, claimed she has made up a story that he hit her because he had just told her he was about to leave her.

He also denied that he hit her on a separate occasion and that he deliberately hit a police officer who was trying to arrest him on suspicion of assaulting her at her Norton home.

Lee said in the witness box at York Crown Court: “The only thing I am guilty of is saying I didn’t love her and I am not coming back.”

The jury will today continue to decide which of them is telling the truth.

Lee, of Birmingham, denies assaulting the woman on December 15 last year, causing her actual bodily harm on the night of December 18 and 19 and assaulting PC Ronald Bloxham on December 19.

Giving evidence, Lee alleged that the woman fell as she followed him upstairs, fell onto some furniture containing CDs in her bedroom and fell onto her dresser.

The jury heard that she had difficulty climbing stairs because of a bad back and that she takes painkillers that make her unsteady on her feet.

Lee made allegations about the way the police officer approached him and claimed he accidentally hit him when he put his hands backwards.

The jury heard he has 20 previous convictions for violence committed over 25 years including one for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.