MAKE a note of these important dates and you won't be late.

Scottish artist Marie Louise Wrightson is to exhibit her Down The Rabbit Hole works at Creative Fine Arts, Beverley, from September 17 to until October 26. She will make an appearance at the gallery in North Bar Within on September 18 from 7pm to 9pm to discuss her new paintings.

Marie has always enjoyed children’s stories, being especially captivated by Lewis Carroll’s tales of Alice. Since her graduation with a Masters in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee in 2005, she has focused increasingly on these stories as a source of inspiration for exploring contemporary themes.

Working largely in oils, she creates detailed and intricate work that is at once modern but also reminiscent of a slightly elusive past. Rather than merely painting on canvas, she often uses painting as part of sculptural pieces encased in cake stands, glass domes or even on miniature chairs.

Down The Rabbit Hole is Marie's first show in East Yorkshire, at the invitation of Nigel Walker of Creation Fine Arts.

“Marie’s work was not only hugely different from much of what I see but very skilled," he says. "The story of the White Rabbit statue in St Mary’s Church in Beverley influencing Lewis Carroll’s opening chapters was too much of a link for me to miss."

It is said that when Carroll nodded off in a boring sermon at St Mary’s Church, his slumbers took him into an imaginary world prompted by looking at the rabbit statue. Now Marie is drawing on the same inspiration.

"Hopefully, people will see the show and visit the church to see the rabbit at the same time," says Nigel.