I CANNOT believe Christian Vassie would be happy for his daughter to attend a London school, for years, with pupils speaking 42 languages, and where English is not their first language (Letters, August 29).

In the letter to which he replied I used “irresponsible” not “threatened”, incidentally.

I feel deeply sorry for the affected indigenous British families – what about their children’s life chances when they cannot afford to move away and have no choice?

As a former governor of a York school, I would have been comfortable for a few pupils from far-flung corners of the world attending and adding to the pupils understanding and knowledge; but I would be apoplectic if a school was overwhelmed.

I do feel threatened by the uncontrolled influx of migrants. As he hasn’t mentioned it, I assume Mr Vassie is happy for us to give the Romanian family £55,200 a year as a reward for having 15 children?

Stick with your tram idea for York and we have something in common.

Keith Massey, Acaster Malbis.