A WOMAN has told a jury her boyfriend put a knife to her throat, punched her unconscious and beat her up in her bedroom.

She claimed Orville Lee “went a bit weird,” got a chopping knife out of a drawer and put it to her foot, saying he could cut off her toes whenever he wanted to.

Then he put the knife to her throat, claiming he could kill her. She told him to “do it” because she had lost everything through him.

He had also spat pork scratchings in her face. She had smacked him in the face before he punched hers four times.

She didn’t remember the rest of the attack because she blacked out and came to to find police in her room, she told York Crown Court.

The jury were shown pictures of bruises and injuries to her head, face, chest and leg.

“The only thing I ever did to that man was love him and smack him in the face that night,” she said. “I gave my all to him.”

Lee, 40, originally from the Birmingham area, but living at his girlfriend’s address in Riverside View, Norton, in December last year, denies assaulting her on December 15, causing her actual bodily harm a few days later and assaulting PC Rodney Bloxham.

Opening the prosecution, Paul Abrahams said police received a phone call from the woman on the night of December 18/19 in which she threatened to take her own life. When they arrived, Lee, in drink, answered the door.

He was abusive towards the woman and struggled while officers tried to restrain him. Armed response unit officers arrived as reinforcements. Lee hit PC Rodney Bloxham in the eye and was tasered by a second officer.

The couple met through a telephone dating agency in spring 2013, but by December the relationship was failing.

The trial continues.