COUNCIL bosses are going to court over a £2,000-plus bill for repairs the authority says were needed after a York public fireworks display almost two years ago.

City of York Council has begun legal proceedings against Rockin’ Horse Promotions over the Kaboom event, which was held at Rawcliffe Country Park in November 2012.

Rockin’ Horse boss Mark Brayshaw says he is ‘extremely disappointed’ by the council’s actions but has revealed that he plans to stage another Kaboom display later this year - but at a different, so far undisclosed location in York.

Thousands of people turned out to watch the display at the park in 2012 and again last year but council leisure boss Charlie Croft has now revealed the sour aftermath of the 2012 event in an email to a Rawcliffe resident, in which he said that action was pending in the county court.

He said: “I can confirm that the court has issued the appropriate paperwork to both parties. We are currently awaiting a hearing date.”

He also revealed he was assessing costs in respect of a potential invoice for the event held last November.

A council spokeswoman revealed that the court claim was for £2,116, adding: “As far as the council is concerned, there are no plans for a Kaboom event for 2014.”

Mr Brayshaw said the dispute related to charges for the repair of the ground following the event in November 2012.

“Wet weather is to be expected in November and plans were in place to protect the grass in the park and put right the likely damage caused by a big event of this nature involving thousands of visitors,” he said.

“However, the bill which I received over a year later from the council didn’t provide sufficient detail to reassure me that the costs were all mine.

“As a small business, I have sought clarification from the council but, unfortunately, rather than offering further information, the council has initiated legal proceedings, which is extremely disappointing and stressful.

“Similar repair work to the grass was carried out by my own contractor after the 2013 event and the cost was a fraction of the council’s.”

He said he was currently finalising ‘exciting’ plans for Kaboom 2014 which would go to a new home in York.