BOAT trips in of East Yorkshire’s most nature-rich areas will run for the first time in 55 years.

Trips down the River Hull will launch from North Frodingham Wharf and Tickton by Beverley Boat Hire, with participants guiding their own vessel down the river as part of a flotilla.

Richard Hampshire, Warden at Yorkshire Water-owned Tophill Low, said: “This area is such a hive of wildlife and I think a lot of people aren’t aware of just how much there is to see. Accessing it by the river is the best way to see it all in a day, so it’s great to see boats berthing at Tophill as they did at the original farm in the 1950s.”

Trips from North Frodingham will run from 9am on September 15 and 20, with a boat for three people costing £45 to hire, four adults for £60 or six adults for £90.

Another longer trip will be leaving Tickton at 9am on September 17, with prices for this trip at £80 for a three person boat, £90 for a four person boat or £120 for six adults.

To book, call 07726 491430.