Both of York's Royal Mail delivery offices will be part of a national experiment to make life easier for online shoppers.

Birch Park Delivery Office in Birch Park Industrial Estate, off Huntington Road, and York Central Delivery Office on Leeman Road will open seven days a week including Sundays from this weekend between 12pm and 4pm.

Currently they, like all other of Royal Mail's 1,400 delivery offices across the UK including Northern Ireland, only open six days a week.

Now the Royal Mail has decided to open 100 offices on Sunday afternoons as well. Both York offices were chosen because they have a high volume of parcel deliveries.

The move is aimed at helping people who shop online but are out all day during the week and cannot receive their purchases at home because they are too big to go through the letter box or need a signature.

Rob Jenson, Royal Mail Operations Director, said: “We are continuing to be more customer responsive and provide more options for people to receive items they have ordered online."