RESIDENTS who endured months and disruption, noise and pollution caused by delayed roadworks for a new York Park and Ride scheme are seeking compensation.

Householders claim they were virtually prisoners in their own homes for months on end when works led to their drives at Poppleton being blocked, footpaths being dug up and gardens filled with dust and diesel fumes.

Now resident Max Driffield has written to City of York Council to ask for a rent rebate, as well an apology for the distress and disruption he and his neighbours faced. "We are not really bothered about the money, but we want them to apologise," he said.

He added that the council had offered residents hotel accommodation but, with little notice of night working, it had been impractical to suggest families should pack up to go to a hotel with their pets for six weeks, and after his requests for financial compensation had been refused, he had filed an official complaint and was considering taking the case to the Local Government Ombudsman.

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy and ward councillors Chris Steward, Paul Healey and Ian Gillies have all written to council chief executive Kersten England to say they believe the residents have suffered "totally unacceptable disruption," and ask for a 33 percent council tax rebate for 30 households in Poppleton, as well as a £5,000 payment to the parish council.

A council spokeswoman confirmed it had received a letter of claim, which was being considered by its legal team. "As legal proceedings have been intimated we cannot provide specific details on these claims," she said.

“However, we can say that this project was the largest transport infrastructure scheme carried out in York since the outer ring road was built in the 80s. Whilst nearby disruption was unavoidable, as the works were on such a large scale, residents and businesses were notified of all works."

She said a balanced approach had been needed to accommodate the needs of road users and residents, and unfortunately this meant night time working was needed for certain operations, as local diversion routes could not accommodate day time traffic levels.

“We’d like to thank those living and working nearby for their patience throughout the period of the works, which are now complete," she said, adding that the project would help to minimise congestion in the city and provided a much improved and safer access to local businesses in Northfield Lane.