A WILDLIFE rescue centre which started in a Selby conservatory is in desperate need of new premises.

Selby Wildlife Rescue is run by Annette Pyrah, who started the organisation in her own conservatory in 2012 and regularly looks after numerous birds, mammals and other wildlife which has been found injured in the area, with many being nursed back to health and returned to the wild.

Annette said more than 300 sick, injured and orphaned animals have been treated at the Barlby based centre this season, and her current premises are no longer fit for purpose.

She said: "There is no animal rescue which is solely dedicated to wildlife in this area, apart from us.

"I started the rescue two years ago in my conservatory. Once the word was out, animals came to me from everywhere. I sold my car and with the money had a large log cabin built thinking that would be big enough. However, such is the demand for my wildlife rescue that we have even outgrown this. Some weeks we have to turn patients away as we simply don’t have the room and our emphasis is always on quality of care and not quantity."

Annette is hoping to find a suitable property to rent in a remote area of Selby, with enough room to treat and keep the animals, but after missing out on a recent donation, needs it to be reasonably priced.

She said: "We are looking for a farm bungalow or a property in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t have to be posh or with acres of land, but we do need services such as electricity and water.

"A gentleman recently left £5,000 in his will and wanted the money to help wildlife in the Selby area. Sadly, because I run the rescue from my home, I could not meet the criteria and the money was given to a wildlife charity in Shropshire. I am very upset about this. The £5,000 would have helped so many animals and birds in this area, just like the kind gentleman wanted it to do. I am now more determined than ever to find dedicated premises and register the wildlife charity. This will ensure that the wildlife rescue never loses out again."

If you have a property or know someone who may be willing to rent premises to the centre, contact Selby Wildlife on 07803 180720 or at selbywildlife.co.uk