A WATER company is urging customers to take full advantage of free gadgets which can help to reduce their water consumption and cut costs.

Yorkshire Water wants people to think about how they use their water supply and what they can do to cut down as part of a fortnight of water-saving activity.

Among the gadgets which are available are tap inserts, which could help people save around £20 a year.

There are also four-minute shower timers and a Shower Save, to regulate the amount of water which is being used.

Aimee Laycock, from Yorkshire Water, said: “We want to encourage people to think about water differently.

“It’s a precious resource and we all need to use it wisely.

“We work hard to reduce leakage from our 32,000km of pipe and we constantly monitor demand for water right across the region so we can see how much is being used in all areas at any time.

“Customers can visit our website to order a free water saving pack, test themselves on our energy-saving calculator and read lots more tips on what they can do to save water in their homes and gardens.”

To order your free Water Saving Pack, simply visit the website at yorkshirewater.com/pack.