SEVERAL gliders taking part in a competition at an East Yorkshire gliding club have been forced by a lack of thermals to land in fields and on airfields.

A reader, Peter Coates of Haxby, contacted The Press to say he had seen a glider which had come down in a cornfield near Strensall while walking his dog.

A spokesman for the Wolds Gliding Club in Pocklington, which is hosting the 29th national two-seater gliding competition this week, involving more than 20 gliders from all over the country, said four gliders had had to come down in farmers' fields and other airfields today because of the weather conditions.

He said cloud in the sky had blocked off sunlight, which restricted the creation of the thermals which kept gliders in the sky.

He said such landings in fields were quite normal and safe, and no one had been injured.

The contest, featuring craft ranging from vintage wood-and-fabric aircraft to the most up-to-date glass fibre machines, continues at the club until Sunday.