THIS summer York's Castle Museum is marking the centenary of World War One by running an art workshop for children to recreate scenes from the Battle of Mons.

As part of the workshop children will learn the story of the Angel of Agincourt who was said to have appeared to British soldiers at Mons, but was believed to be an image projected by the German soldiers on to the battlefield to frighten the British troops.

Gaby Lees, curator for arts learning at the Castle Museum, said: “In the 1930s it was alleged, that the angel of Mons was actually an image projected by German forces, but the point is that it is interesting the people are still fascinated by the story of soldiers trying to make sense of something beyond understanding."

The workshop will look at paintings by war artist Alfred Pearse on display at the museum and the children will be helped to create their own paintings by artist Jo Walton.

Ms Lees said that the scheme forms part of the Arts Award Discover Challenge, activities for primary school children aimed at promoting York’s heritage and said that if children complete three of the challenges they can earn themselves a national qualification.

The art workshop challenge is onAugust 23, 11am-4pm and welcomes children of any age. Tickets cost £9.50 for accompanying adults, but are free for children and adults who have a York Card.

Ms Lees said that the angel showed “a different side to the war”, adding “children finding it hard to connect to the ideas in the exhibition might welcome it as an innovative and stimulating angle through which to enter history".