A HAVEN for the city’s cats will open its doors to families in a bid to raise money for the helpless pets.

Cats Protection York is hosting a family fun day on September 6, complete with a bouncy castle, stalls and raffle to help pay for vets’ bills.

James Hodgkison, who works at the adoption centre, said: “As well as the entertainment, there will be all the cats in the centre for people to look at, and hopefully we can raise money to keep them fed and watered, pay the bills, and get the message out if people want a cat in York, this is the place to come.”

The open day is being held at the adoption centre on 582 Huntington Road, Huntington, from 1pm to 4pm.

Entry is £1.50 or people can donate three tins of Felix or Whiskas cat food. Admission for children will be free. when they are accompanied by an adult.