A HEROIN and cocaine courier has been jailed for four years after police caught him four times with drugs.

Officers confiscated heroin and cocaine from Adam Luke Reynard worth between £1,270 and £1,320 on the streets, small amounts of cannabis, and cash totalling £1,211, said Nick Adlington, prosecuting at York Crown Court. They also found a stolen bicycle worth £2,000.

Police raided Reynard's home on August 18, September 27, and December 4 last year.

They also stopped him in Arran Place, off Malton Road, on October 10, as he was delivering drugs to street dealers.

For most of the offences he was on police bail and for the December offences, he was also on court bail.

Judge Tom Bayliss QC told York Crown Court Reynard performed a "significant" role in the supply of drugs to street dealers.

Reynard, 22, who used to live in Cornetto Court, Regent Street, off Hull Road, pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing heroin with intent to supply, two charges of possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply, three charges of possessing cannabis for his own use and one of handling stolen goods. He has been in custody since his final arrest last December.

His barrister Laura Addy said he was a drug user who had got into debt and because of that into difficulties with his supplier who had co-erced him into doing jobs for him. Reynard was "simply an operational cog" in the drug supply chain, who just did as he was told and didn't ask questions.

Since being remanded into custody, he had come off drugs and worked on a bricklayer's course so that he could work legally after his release.

The judge said that after police took the 31 wraps of heroin and 11 wraps of cocaine worth together £410 that Reynard had on him in Arran Place, he was pressurised into acting as custodian to the 26.8g of heroin and 2.6g of cocaine police found at his home in December.

Mr Adlington said the December finds were worth between £860 and £910 on the streets. The cannabis was found in the August, September and December house raids.