FLOWERS have been stolen from the graves of a North Yorkshire cemetery.

Janet Wilson, 63, of Sherburn-in-Elmet, said she was devastated to find the flowers she and family members had put on the graves of relatives at All Saints Church in Saxton had disappeared.

She said that when she approached the church, staff said they had no idea about the flowers missing from many of the graves and believed it must be theft.

Janet said: "It looks like no one cares, it looks terrible. It's really upsetting to see the graves.

"I don't know how anyone could do it."

Among the graves in the cemetery are those of her grandparents Florence and Charlie Carr and mother and father Mary and Thomas Carr.

Flowers had also been taken from the grave of her brother Brian Carr and sister Maureen Box, who passed away in February.

Janet said: "My cousin Terrence came back the other day and said the churchyard didn't look right and looked eerie.

"Nobody has the right to move them whether the flowers are dead or alive.

"Whoever did it, I would like them to apologise and put flowers all the way up there. I know how upset we were and there will be other people affected as well."

All Saints churchyard is a historic site with graves including soldiers who fell during the Battle of Towton.

Among the graves is Lancastrian commander Ranulph Dacre and a small service is held each year on Palm Sunday, in memory of those who fell in the battle.

North Yorkshire Police said the matter has been reported and police inquiries are underway.