A MAN whose row with his partner in the street ended in a car being vandalised has been banned from every pub in Micklegate Ward for two years.

Laura McBride, prosecuting, told York magistrates Jordan Paul Hipkins damaged three cars parked in St Benedict’s Road, South Bank, after arguing with his partner in Custane’s Walk on May 5.

None of them belonged to her. He smashed a windscreen and vandalised a wing mirror and other parts of the cars, causing damage that cost a total of £440 to repair.

On May 26, demanding money, he banged so hard on the door to his partner’s home he broke its handle, and scared that he would smash down the door, she let him in.

She gave him some money, but he didn’t leave and in the argument that followed, he slapped her on the face and smashed her mobile phone when she tried to ring the police.

Defence solicitor Craig Robertson said of Hipkins and his partner: “Clearly they are not destined to be together. He accepts that and he is very upset about it.

“He accepts he has been drinking too much.”

Hipkins, 20, of Ordnance Lane, York, pleaded guilty to five charges of criminal damage and one of assault and was given a community order which included two years’ supervision by the probation service and the two-year ban on going into any pub in Micklegate Ward. He must also pay £450 compensation for the damage. The court heard the handle cost £50 to repair and the mobile phone £60 and one of the car owners had only paid for part of the repairs to her car because her insurance had paid the rest.

Mr Robertson alleged that his client had suffered because of the relationship he had had with his partner.

Hipkins had psychiatric issues and had had a difficult childhood.