A COMMUNITY centre that feared council spending cuts would mean its closure is holding its summer fair today.

Sanderson House on Bramham Road, Chapelfields, will have a non-stop series of activities from noon to 9pm, starting with a Big Lunch to help neighbours to meet and mix, and including all the groups that operate from the centre.

Chapelfields Community Association chair Rosie Wall said: “We were concerned that the centre would close this year due to cuts to our grant from the council. But the committee and community have rallied round to keep the centre running. There are more activities happening every month, and this summer fair gives us the chance to show to everyone what a great place the centre and community garden have become.”

Women of Westfield, Chapelfields Teenies, Tots and Tinys, the Acomb-based Timebank, Dig In Gardening Club and Chapelfields Community Association will all be at the summer fair which will conclude with bingo, a barbecue and consultation on the local estate action plan in the evening.