RESIDENTS in York have been warned after a man forced his way into the home of a young woman.

The incident happened at just before 6pm on Tuesday, when a man knocked at the door of a house in Orchard Way, near Hob Moor, and told the 20-year-old woman who answered he was “from the meter company”.

North Yorkshire Police said the man pushed past the resident and walked into the garage, through the back garden and into the kitchen, despite her protests.

A spokesman said a neighbour happened to visit while this was happening, at which point the intruder left in a van.

Nobody was injured in the incident, but police have urged residents to be wary of cold callers.

The spokesman said: “We urge anyone who is contacted by cold callers to be on their guard, don’t engage with them, and don’t under any circumstances, allow them into your house.

“If you are in any doubt as to who is at your door, please don’t answer it.”