An ageing church will be revamped after a former member of its congregation left money to the building on her death.

Scaffolding has already gone up around Wheldrake Church, on Church Lane, as work to repair its roof and level its floor begins.

Builders were able to carry out the work the church has needed for five years following the death of Mary Robinson, 85, in 2012.

Mrs Robinson, of Mount Pleasant Farm, Wheldrake, left half her business to the church and the other half to St Leonard’s Hospice.

Rev Ian Kitchen said: “Neither of us wanted to run a farm, so we sold it and got the money from that.

“It was enough to allow us to do some building work that has been needed for a long, long time like replacing the roof.

“We are very fortunate to get the money.

“It’s a huge bonus and a fantastic position to be in.”

Work is expected to be completed in September and the church will remain open throughout.