A FREE exhibition is being held at JORVIK Viking Centre to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The exhibition will encourage people to recapture the excitement of the original dig at Coppergate Alive in the 1970s which was the first time people were able to watch ground-breaking Viking-age discoveries unearthed before their eyes.

Sarah Maltby, director of attractions for the York Archaeological Trust, said: "Not only was this dig far bigger than the footprint of JORVIK Viking Centre, but the huge area excavated was just part of the far larger city of Jorvik – the Viking capital of England – which grew over 200 years as the Viking invaders settled on this fertile river bank.

"Throughout the summer, we’ll have archaeological experts discussing and showing some of the items that were found during the Coppergate dig that never made it into the displays inside, from the shoes that they wore on their feet, to the wooden bowls and cups which gave Coppergate – the street of the cup makers – its name.

The exhibition will run until August 31. For more information on visiting JORVIK Viking Centre during its anniversary year, please visit www.jorvik-viking-centre.co.uk or call 01904 615505 to pre-book tickets and avoid the summer queues.