A woman thought she was being burgled when a strange young man climbed through her window and smashed some of her ornaments, York Magistrates Court heard.

In reality, Ryan Richardson had mistaken her home for that of his cousin's where he had planned to spend the rest of the night.

When she told him to get out he fled. But as he did, he pushed her over and she fell to the floor.

Richardson's accommodation at the end of his evening out in York was a cell at Fulford Road Police Station.

Richardson, 23, of Nigel Grove, Holgate, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to crystal glass figurines and assault.

He was given a community order with 12 months' supervision and 160 hours' unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay the woman £300 compensation and £80 prosecution costs.

His solicitor Kevin Blount said he clearly had to watch what he was drinking.

The court heard the figurines were knocked over when Richardson came in through the window.