THE roll out of 20mph limits across York has been criticised by Green party councillors who say information available to residents is not clear enough and want to see more streets included in the limits.

Councillors Andy D'Agorne and Dave Taylor, who both represent the Fishergate ward, have criticised shoddy information available to people nearby.

The councillors have pointed to legal notices which have appeared on lamp posts around the city, warning people about the forthcoming changes to speed limits, which highlight only all the roads which are not A or B roads and will not be under the 20 mph limits, rather than simply listing those which will be under the 20mph limit.

Neil Ferris, assistant director of City and Environmental Services, said: “The notices follow a legal and statutory process and are written in accordance with these government guidelines. Like all authorities across the country, York has a legal duty to advertise speed limit orders / traffic regulation orders in this way."

The information was also including in timescales, maps and FAQs sent to households in the reads, and online at

Streets in Fishergate were the site of the first 20 mph limit in York without speed bumps, introduced in 2010, but the two councillors have now raised a petition calling for the busy congested area near the shops on Heslington Rd to be included in the 20mph area, rather than being left at 30mph as proposed by the council.

The councillors say traffic often struggles to move quickly on the road which is congested with parking and buses, and making it a 20 mph would be cheaper than excluding it from the limit.

The Green councillors are also urging residents who do not want their streets to be left out of the 20 mph limits to contact the council. They believe that on roads like Hospital Fields Rd - a busy cycle route to the university and Broadway local people should be able to have their say.