A KITTEN was rescued after being left to die in a North Yorkshire bottle bank.

The nine-week old black kitten - now nicknamed Archer - is believed to have been dumped in the Harrogate bottle bin, and was rescued by the RSPCA after a member of the public heard its cries.

Harrogate's RSPCA branch manager, Nicola Outhwaite, said: "Thank God he has got such a loud voice for a little thing. It most certainly saved his life."

Archer has been fostered with Dave and Alex Lee, who will look after him until a permanent home can be found.

Dave, 41, said: "Archer is so adorable. He's so energetic and playful, it's hard to see how anyone could have done something like this to him.

"He is very vocal. He wakes us up every morning with his loud miaow-ing because he wants feeding. It's not a surprise that he managed to get someone's attention while he was stuck in that bottle bank. When he wants something, he lets you know about it!"