A MOTHER has called for tighter security at a York cemetery after treasured toys and jewellery were stolen from her baby daughter’s grave.

Kia Carlton, whose daughter Telan was buried at Fulford Cemetery in 2012, said she would like to see the gates locked when it is officially shut in the evening to reduce the risk of people getting in and taking items.

She also felt CCTV cameras might be needed in the area where children are buried to help deter and detect thefts, and said she would be prepared to help raise funds to pay for them.

Kia, 26, from Clifton, whose baby died at York Hospital after suddenly being taken ill at the family’s flat in Chapelfields, said items stolen included small fairy ornaments, a metal butterfly lantern, a doll and a pendant necklace, given to Telan as a Christening gift by her mother, June.

But the final straw was when a Tatty Teddy went missing recently. “None of them are of great value, but they’ve got huge sentimental value,” she said. “It feels like the grave has been looted. What happened to RIP?

Kia’s mother June said: “When you have lost a child, you have a hollow feeling that never goes away and this really hurts.”

Telan’s godmother Donna D’Arcy said: “I find it absolutely disgusting.”

Kia said she had discovered other people had had items stolen from graves.

The Press reported last week how a golden chain and locket had also been stolen from a woman’s parents’ grave at the cemetery.

Alan Smith, chairman of Fulford Parish Council, which is responsible for the cemetery, said it was not practical for the pedestrian gate to be locked, as no one lived on site any more.

He also did not want people travelling long distances to visit graves only to find the gates locked. He said the matter would be discussed at a parish council meeting on July 1.