CUSTOMERS at a York takeaway took on the Fish Challenge.

The rules of engagement for the eat off at Brockfield Fisheries in Huntington were simple, eat a huge 32oz fish with a mountain of chips with optional sides of curry or peas in 15 minutes or under.

On the day, none of the 30 participants managed to finish within the time allotted, and Tom Botterill came closest, completing the contest in 25 minutes. Tom, from Huntington said that he’s eaten at the shop since it opened in December and has always felt like that he could eat more, but doesn’t think he’ll be eating fish and chips for a couple of weeks.

The event took place to support the mental health charity Mind.

Gavin Dhesi, co-partner at the shop with his brother Aman, said: “The event was a great success. After a great start to our business we thought it was a good idea to try to give in some way to the community."