RESIDENTS are heading for a showdown with developers over disruption caused by major building works which have partly closed the private road they pay to maintain.

People living in Burnholme Avenue, York, say their lives are being made a misery by the workmen digging up the road.

It is part of the redevelopment of the 133-year-old Burnholme Social Club - which planners agreed to demolish a year ago.

But York-based construction company Lindum say they have already speeded up the works which are due to be completed in a couple of weeks instead of three.

The house-holders are fuming that the company have been given a permit closure for the road - and at the scale of works being carried out, the times, and the impact on driveways into the road.

Self employed plumber Mark Mosey, 38, who lives at the property with his wife Kerry and their two girls aged six and two said: “It is ridiculous.

“They are ripping the road to pieces.

“We have had no consultation and everyone has had enough.”

Another resident Miss Simone Potter, 44, said: “Access for residents has been very restricted since they closed the road.

“We are not getting much peace all with all the works that are going on. It is very concerning for the residents.”

She said Lindum, based in Blossom Street, York, should hold a public meeting to keep residents in the picture.

Another resident Paul Brar, 38, said: “I have seen one woman’s house shake every time they cut into the road.

“What’s the point in owning a house on a private road if you have no rights over your property?

“There were no discussions before the building work started - just a couple of pictures in the old social club they were about to knock down.”

But Lindum Director Neil Coote said there was “an ever-open door” of public consultation.

He said: “We are a family construction company.

“We are bending over backwards to work with the public as we always do.

“We have notified all the residents twice by letter about out activities on the site.

“We are putting a new sewer connection in for Yorkshire Water in conjunction with the Highways Authority and have gone through a number of processes - but we do have to dig up the road.”

The works are part of a scheme to regenerate the site by building 37 homes and a new social club to replace the old one.

He added: “There is a road closure permit because we need to get to the main sewer in the middle of the road.

“But we have only closed half the road.

“We are not digging up the driveways.

“We are digging in front of the driveways because the sewer runs across in front of the driveways.”