A NORTH Yorkshire MP has met with the Prime Minister to express his concerns over the future of a local business.

Nigel Adams, MP for Selby and Ainsty, met with David Cameron at Downing Street on Thursday, to discuss the future of Eggborough power station.

The Department of Energy recently announced Eggborough would not receive a government subsidy to provide renewable energy, bringing into doubt the plant's plans to convert from a coal-fired station to burn biomass.

Mr Adams said: "I am very grateful to the Prime Minister for agreeing to my request for a meeting and I was encouraged that he was very knowledgeable on the challenge facing Eggborough.

"Like me, he’s concerned about the potential job losses and investment but also the security of the country’s energy supply, which if Eggborough was to close, would wipe out almost four per cent of the country’s electricity supply."

Mr Adams said new subsidy contract would be announced in coming months, and both he and Andrew Percy - MP for neighbouring Brigg and Goole - hoped to ensure Eggborough and Drax power stations would be included in the list.

Mr Cameron said his team would meet again with Mr Adams and management at Eggborough, but said any subsidy would only be awarded if it represented the best value for money for the taxpayer.

Mr Adams said: "It is essential that large employers like Eggborough and Drax also get the support to help protect and create the thousands of jobs dependent on the power generating industry in our part of North Yorkshire."